What’s in Putin’s new “invincible” arsenal

So what is the modern arsenal, making the world concerned about an arms race with Washington? What is the purpose of the Russian president when revealing these “advanced weapons”? Should there be news of a new arms race?

The Russian president used a lot of graphics and video to give a comprehensive presentation and about the destructive power of new types of military equipment. First of all is a nuclear-powered cruise missile, with an infinite range and can be moved without a predetermined route.

The Russian president also introduced Sarmat, a 200-ton intercontinental rocket that could carry a nuclear warhead. This missile will replace the Russian-owned missile storage depot. Sarmat missiles are capable of striking every target through the North or South Pole. And in the video illustrating the speech of President Putin, the target of the Sarmat rocket is a place like… the state of Florida, USA.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Kho vũ khí mới “bất khả chiến bại” của Putin

Among the other equipment introduced, there was a submersible, faster than the submarine, two “hypersonic” rockets and a mysterious laser weapon that the Russian president said was too early. for details. There is also a fleet of “unmanned underground devices” that can carry new nuclear weapons systems with extremely powerful ammunition.

Still according to the Kremlin owner, Russia also owns a supersonic missile that cannot be detected by NATO’s missile defense system. That is as the video illustrates that the missile can “bypass” through the defense systems. At the Atlantic Ocean, fly over the southernmost tip of the Americas and fly back north.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Kho vũ khí mới “bất khả chiến bại” của Putin

No country has this missile. And when they did, Russia had time to develop a new weapon. In short, according to the statement of the President of Russia, “On abroad, perhaps there are no high-tech weapons like those already invented in Russia”.

For their part, many Russian military experts explain that these weapons are not really new products. While some observers say they are not even fully developed yet. “We already know about Sarmat and we know that this missile is very difficult,” said Russian military analyst Alexandre Golts.