Weapons are too imaginative in the game world

Recalling the early development phase of the FPS game village when there were not many modern war products, the gaming community was always treated with countless games possessing a very attractive super-fiction context, from a The research center is full of alien creatures, a Mars star tinged with hell fire to a weak human space war against extraterrestrial alliances. These contexts and play styles have generated a number of myths that we still have to mention as an indispensable benchmark for FPS products.
But sometimes the imagination of the developers goes beyond the usual framework, turning the rationality into a somewhat exaggerated part that is too unbelievable, especially in the array of weapons. Despite certain logic set out to bring attraction to the players even in the virtual world, many of the game’s weapons are merely a fantasy product that is sometimes too high.

An outing could not be more perfect if the player possessed a high-tech crossbow capable of releasing a super heated metal bar with destructive power, even more ideal for bringing the satisfied with the image of the villain stabbing himself on the wall through the red burning steel bar. All the unimaginable strengths converged in that Crossbow of Half Life 2 make it a weapon of choice every time a player joins in battle.
But this great power and usefulness of Crossbow cannot prevent the unreasonableness it brings. It all started with its special name, a metal rod heated with high-intensity electric current transmitted from the energy battery right in front of the handle. And when the main component of a Crossbow is wood and metal, it also means that users will catch all the heat of a charcoal stick in their hands … Of course if they haven’t been blown before. go a few meters away because of the electricity.

In the world we still know, the current is almost impossible to control the direction, far from the elements of water, fire or light. They are indeterminate, starting from one place but can go to tens of thousands of other places. But in return for their tremendous power, especially in the gaming world when lightening, it paralyzes the target, heavy then burns all into ash. So a proper discharge gun is an extremely powerful weapon that every player wants to have.