Ukraine sues Russia for bringing nuclear weapons to Crimea

Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense Intelligence spokesman Vadym Skybitskiy said Russia had moved to Crimea with the most modern weapons, including vehicles that could carry nuclear weapons. “The nuclear weapons launch facility is currently in Crimea territory – on land and in naval bases in Sevastopol. It is possible to be present in warships and submarines,” Vadym Skibitskiy said.

Speaking on ATR channel recently, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin believed that Russia could deploy nuclear weapons on the Crimea. Klimkin believes that Russia has turned Crimea into a giant military base.

In addition Ukraine has publicly declared the possibility of establishing a naval base on the Azov Sea, the sea that lies between the Ukrainian mainland and the Russian border is now “locked” by the Crimea bridge over the Krech Strait . The possibility of Russia deploying nuclear weapons to the Crimea is not hidden by Moscow.

“The warheads can be quickly transferred into Crimea in case Russia makes such a decision. Nuclear warheads can be transferred to Crimea by plane, and ready to be used to fight”.Iskander-M missiles can carry nuclear warheads are always considered Russian strategic deterrent weapons for opponents.

The head of the Russian arms control department Mikhail Ulyanovsk once stated: “Russia has the right to deploy nuclear weapons in its territory, in any part of Russia if Russia sees that as necessary. In principle we have that right, obviously. ”

Ukraine’s Channel 5 television on August 16 led Ukrainian intelligence sources to say that Crimea currently has about 30 tanks, 3 submarines of 15 missile and the most modern S-400 missile complex.

According to Skybitskiy, another risk for Ukraine is the increase in the number of submarines, ships, and missile ships, with the latest generation Calibr missile launch. In addition, Russia also strengthened its air force that could be deployed across Ukraine from Crimea.