The US military wants the Kurds to keep their weapons

US military commanders plan to withdraw troops from Syria. They are proposing to fight Kurdish militants to fight against the self-proclaimed Islamic State terrorist organization (IS) to hold weapons supplied by the US. This is a move that may be offensive to Turkey.

This above information is provided by four unnamed US military officials. They said the recommendations above were part of a discussion about the draft plan of the US military. It is unclear what the Pentagon will propose to the White House at the last minute.

Discussions are still in the early stages of the Pentagon and no decisions have been made yet. This plan will be presented to the White House in the coming days and President Donald Trump will be the one to make the final decision on whether to let Kurds keep weapons in Syria.

The Pentagon declined to comment on the future of US weapons, saying the current time is “not appropriate” to talk about it. The White House also declined to comment.

“The planning process is still ongoing, focusing on implementing a process of controlled withdrawal and securing our military forces,” Sean Robertson said, Pentagon spokesman. .

The US officials said Mr. Trump’s announcement and the withdrawal of US troops from Syria had angered many military commanders. Because they thought it was a betrayal of Kurdish YPG forces and militants. Sio that helps Washington in the fight against self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS) in Northeast Syria.

According to him, weapons could include anti-tank missiles, armored vehicles and mortars. The Pentagon kept a record of the weapons it supplied to YPG, but US officials said it was almost impossible to determine the location of all the equipment. One of the US officials told Reuters that YPG would be armed until the fight against IS was completed