The trio of Russian weapons has no rival in the world

Avangard marked a significant advance in Russian rocket science. Different from its predecessor and foreign missiles, Avangard can reach impressive heights, fly with supersonic speed and outdo most of the current missile systems. According to RBTH news, at the present time, there is not a rocket with the same capacity as Avangard.

The missile’s power was 130 times stronger than the US atomic bomb that had been dropped on Hiroshima, Japan in World War 2. It could travel at 30,000 km / h, or 27 times the speed. sound. Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov said that no missile at this time could shoot down Avangard when it flew at such speed.

In addition to powerful offensive weapons, Russia also possesses one of the most advanced defense systems in the world: S-400 Triumph. The S-400 can detect air targets at a distance of 600km and shoot down at a distance of 400km. It can take down various types of targets ranging from aircraft, cruise missiles, drones or ballistic missiles at a height of 50km and a maximum speed of 17,000km for hour.

Compared to US rival MIM-104 Patriot, the S-400 is rated by military experts as being more prominent. The S-400 has the ability to detect and shoot down targets from all directions, while the Patriot can only scan airspace within 180 degrees.

Bộ ba vũ khí Nga chưa có đối thủ trên thế giới - Ảnh 3.

Developed based on Armata tanks, T-14 tanks mark an important milestone in the development of the 21st century heavy armored technology. T-14 is the world’s first third-generation tank. It is equipped with a 2A82 125mm smooth barrel gun with a digital control system.

This is the only tank in the world that does not need a soldier to control the turret. The entire crew will sit in a separate compartment isolated by strong bulletproof steel layers. This technology allows to minimize human damage when T-14 is directly fired by fire. In addition, the steel armor of T-14 can withstand anti-tank missiles and missiles.