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America wants to sell weapons to Morocco

Reuters yesterday reported that the administration of US President Donald Trump promoted the sale of weapons worth 1 billion USD to Morocco. The day after helping Morocco and Israel normalize relations, the administration of President Donald Trump sent a notice to the US Congress of the sale of weapons and drones to Morocco.

Specifically, the Trump administration on December 11 sent a notice to the US Congress about the sale of unmanned aircraft and precision-guided weapons to Morocco. The deal includes four MQ-9B SeaGuardian drones and weapons such as the Hellfire missile, laser-guided Paveway bombs, and a JDAM integrated multitasking global positioning (GPS) bomb.

The move comes a day after the White House announced that thanks to the US as an intermediary, Morocco has normalized relations with Israel. Previously, the Trump administration also mediated the UAE, Bahrain and Sudan to reach an agreement to normalize relations with Israel.

The report comes a day after the White House announced the authorities of Morocco and Israel had agreed to normalize relations, making Morocco the sixth Arab country to restore relations with Tel Aviv.

Accordingly, the Washington-Rabat deal has been discussed over the past few months, but it is not clear whether it is related to the recent US-mediated normalization of relations with Israel.

Although the US State Department officially confirmed information on the sale of the drone to Morocco, it is unlikely that the deal between the two countries includes other weapons.

The Trump administration is also pursuing a similar arms deal recently. Since September, the White House has continuously pushed for a $ 23 billion arms sale to the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The agreement was not passed due to insufficient votes in the Senate, but the White House is determined to pursue the sale of weapons to the UAE, Reuters reported.

Israel in October also announced its withdrawal of its opposition to the sale of the F-35 stealth fighter to Abu Dhabi after receiving assurances from the US administration of its military advantage in the Middle East.

Success in reconciling the relationship between Morocco and Israel is part of President Trump’s larger plan to bring peace to the strained Middle East.

The United States Is Still The World’s Largest Arms Exporter

Chinese arms manufacturers are not listed on the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) list despite exporting arms around the world.

US companies account for 59% of arms sales among the Top 100 when it has the world’s top five arms manufacturers.

According to SIPRI, the top 100 defense companies accounted for $ 420 billion in 2018, an increase of 4.6% compared to 2017 and 47% higher than in 2002. According to the statistical results for the period of 2015-2019, the main imports are Saudi Arabia, India and Egypt.

SIPRI said sales growth in the top 100 arms deals in 2018 was mainly due to the contributions of the top-ranked companies, especially the top five, all of which are based in America. Growth in sales of the top 100 arms deals in 2018 could correlate with increased military spending across the globe, especially the United States, from 2017 to 2018.

According to SIPRI, the proportion of US military arms exports in the period of 2015-2019 has increased by 23%, corresponding to the proportion of global arms exports increased to 36%. In the 2015-2019 period, U.S. arms exports were 76% higher than Russia’s second largest arms exporter, Russia.

American companies account for 59% of arms sales in the Top 100. Ranked No. 1 among global defense companies is Lockheed Martin, with $ 47.2 billion in 2018. Second place is Boeing with 29.2 billion USD. Followed by Northrop Grumman with $ 26.2 billion, Raytheon with $ 23.4 billion and General Dynamics with $ 22 billion. Sixth place was British defense company BAE, at $ 21 billion.

In particular, there are 10 Russian companies in the Top 100, led by state-owned Almaz-Antey – a manufacturer of air defense systems and other weapons. Almaz-Antey ranked ninth on the list with sales of 9.6 billion USD.

Notably, Chinese arms manufacturers did not appear on the list, even though China exported weapons all over the world. Chinese arms companies are not in the top 100 of SIPRI because of the lack of data to make a reasonable or consistent estimate of arms sales since 2002. However, there is information about some of Large companies are part of the Chinese arms industry, mostly state owned.

Representatives of other countries included in this list include Leonardo (Italy) with US $ 9.8 billion, Thales (France) with US $ 9.4 billion, Rheinmetall (Germany) with US $ 3.8 billion, Cong Group. Heavy Industries (Japan) with USD 3.6 billion and Elbit Systems (Israel) with USD 3.5 billion.

Mk 23 – one of the best shotguns in the world

Mk 23 (short for Mark 23) is a 1.2 kg hollow gun, which is almost twice as heavy as a USP gun of the same manufacturer; The weight increased to 2.29 kg with the full set of standard accessories required by USSOCOM (laser indicator and silencer). The basic length is 245 mm, when an additional silencer is installed, the increase is 176 mm.

The gun has a barrel length of 150 mm. Like all guns from H&K, the gun barrel is cold-forged by a special method and is lined with chrome inside for more effective wear protection. The barrel of the gun is not carved as usual, but it is made of polygonal spiral grooves, which makes the barrel better but also more expensive.

The barrel of the barrel also has a thread for attaching the brakes as well as a rubber ring to better fit the slider, increasing accuracy. This design greatly supports the precision of the Mk 23’s 1.44 inches, far exceeding the original USSOCOM requirement.

The details of the Mk 23 are taken apart

The Mk 23 still uses new materials that follow the general trend but to ensure reliability, the gun still uses many metal parts and its slider is a metal plate instead of polymer. The gun has a large frame, suitable for both gunner with large arms; Trigger also has a large design, suitable for both gunner use gloves.

The Mk 23 still uses new materials that follow the general trend but to ensure reliability, the gun still uses many metal parts and its slider is a metal plate instead of polymer. The gun has a large frame, suitable for both gunner with large arms; Trigger also has a large design, suitable for both gunner use gloves.

The gun uses a H&K basic sight – fly point with 3 natural emission points equal to Triti, which helps the gunner to get more line of sight in the dark.

The Mk23 is also equipped with Insight Technology’s laser indicator light and flashlight below the gun through a rail. This accessory is almost attached to the Mk 23 in all combat situations. Another common accessory is Knight’s Armament’s silencer, which is used in combat situations that require secrecy.

The Mk 23 can be used as a main weapon with great accuracy

The Mk 23 is considered one of the best handguns in the world, not only famous for use by US Navy SEAL forces, but also used in anti-terrorist teams of Canada, Indonesia, Malaysia. and Poland. At the moment, gun people are quite familiar with the civilian version of Mk 23.

China announced many new modern weapons at its 70-year-old parade

Produced domestically, the Chinese military is preparing to introduce some advanced weapons the world has never seen, during the parade to celebrate the 70th anniversary of China’s National Day on October 1.

According to CNN, about 15,000 soldiers, more than 160 aircraft and 580 types of military equipment will be the main part of the 80-minute parade in Beijing. It will highlight China’s military progress over the past 70 years, since the country was founded in 1949.

The key point in this parade is the drone technology. Beijing also boasts some of the best missile systems in the world. Major General Tan Min, deputy commander of the military parade and chief of staff of the Central Military Region Command, said in weapons made in China, highlighted the possibility of innovation in research and defense development.

TQ cong bo nhieu vu khi hien dai moi o duyet binh 70 nam quoc khanh hinh anh 1

CNN listed a number of weapons that might make their first appearance at the parade on October 1. Much of the hype of the parade focused on the DF-41 intercontinental ballistic missile. It will be the mainstay of the strength of China’s strategic missile force for many years to come and be promoted as the planet’s strongest rocket.

DF-41 has been in development since 1997. It was rumored to appear in parades in 2015 and 2017, but it did not appear in the end. Rumor has it that the DF-41 will be made public in parades this year, following reports of Chinese state media that the rocket was discovered during training for parades in Beijing earlier this month.

Hans Kristensen, an analyst at FAS, said the satellite image also showed something very similar to the silo for ICBM launched from the ground. Kristensen said that silos are more similar to Russian ICBM silos than older silos for liquid fuel rockets.

TQ cong bo nhieu vu khi hien dai moi o duyet binh 70 nam quoc khanh hinh anh 3

DF-41 missiles use solid fuel engines such as Russia’s Topol and Yars. Meanwhile, US main ICBM, Minuteman III, uses solid fuels. However, it can only carry a nuclear warhead, because the design of the three warheads is limited by treaty with Russia.

China may have put into operation a number of DF-41 missiles, at least 18 of which appeared in satellite images at its base in Inner Mongolia earlier this year. Although the DF-41 can carry 10 warheads, in fact only 3 warheads, the remaining are bait, according to the news of the atomic scientists (BAS).

Russian supersonic weapons will fail in the next 5 decades

The Russian Ministry of Defense recently informed that the Avangard supersonic missiles that could be launched from fighter jets will be officially put into operation by 2020. In March, in the Federal Message, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin proudly introduced new weapons, including the supersonic rocket Avangard, which can move towards the target at Mach 20, and strike like a “fireball”.

When moving to the target, the fighting floor had strong maneuvering wings both horizontally and vertically. “That makes it absolutely impossible to be intercepted for any air defense and missile defense,” Putin said. The use of new composite materials enables the long-term controlled flight of the winged flight floor to be solved almost exclusively in plasma.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho vũ khí nga

US intelligence reports assess Avangard as being able to penetrate any of the most advanced missile defense systems in the world today. US Army Strategic Command commander John Hyten described a grim scenario for the country’s military forces when faced with the new high-speed weapons that Russia is developing: “They I do not have any defense against such weapons. “

According to the Pentagon, Russia has successfully tested supersonic missiles with nuclear warheads in 2016. The third test was conducted in October 2017 but failed when the rocket exploded seconds ago. when hit the target. The Kremlin experimented for the fourth time in the summer of 2018 and the most recent one was in December 2018. The US side predicts that, according to the current pace of development, the Avangard will be operational by 2020.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho vũ khí nga

According to Thomas Juliano, assistant professor of aviation engineering at the University of Notre Dame, the Avangard rocket uses a design called a Waverider, but the information has not been confirmed by Moscow. Waverider is the technology used in the development of supersonic aircraft that improves the lift rate when shock waves are generated by the flight as a lifting surface.

The European Parliament called on EU members to stop selling weapons to Saudi Arabia

The British and Spanish governments are under pressure after the European Parliament passed a resolution calling on member countries to stop selling weapons to Saudi Arabia.  The European Parliament’s non-binding recommendation was made amid Saudi Arabia’s murder of Jamal Khashoggi journalist and a series of war crimes in Yemen, leaving half of the population risk of starvation.

Germany has been at the forefront of stopping arms sales to Saudi Arabia and Chancellor Angela Merkel has called on her allies to act like Germany to condemn what she described as a “monstrous” murder. in Saudi consulate in Istanbul. Meanwhile, the European Parliament adopted an uncompromising resolution calling on 28 member states of the “to impose an EU-wide arms embargo on Saudi Arabia”.

However, the resolution faced opposition from Britain and Spain, the two countries are currently exporting many weapons to Saudi Arabia. British Prime Minister Theresa May defended the decision to export arms to Saudi Arabia, saying the British government had strict regulations on arms exports.

What is clear is that, despite the crimes committed by Saudi Arabia, the UK Department of International Trade said the country last year exported to Riyadh more than a billion pounds worth of weapons. And yet, since the war in Yemen took place in 2015 to date, Britain has sold to Saudi Arabia a number of weapons worth up to £ 4.6 billion.

“Brexit is not an excuse for him to give up his moral responsibility. Theresa May must prove that she is willing to stand up to oppose the killing of Khashoggi and to stop selling weapons to Saudi Arabia immediately” , European MP Philippe Lamberts announced.

As soon as the European Parliament made its resolution, Saudi Arabia said the Jamal Khashoggi murder had been planned in advance, contrary to its earlier claims that the murder was only one ear. victims.

In addition to Germany, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau threatened to cancel a multi-million dollar defense contract with Saudi Arabia to punish the country for the killing of Khashoggi. Sweden, Norway, Belgium and Finland also have weapons-free policies for Saudi Arabia.

Weapons frightening for medieval knights

The riding knight was once considered an army that dominated the Middle Ages, but that  was eventually wiped out when new weapons were born. In the Middle Ages, the knights riding majestic steeds were considered the most elite forces in the army of the kingdoms. These knights were mostly from the aristocracy, were trained very carefully and equipped with the best weapons, creating superior strength compared to infantry soldiers.

However, the emergence of many new weapons helped the infantry improve its combat capability and regain its dominance on the battlefield, gradually ending the reign of knights, who remained faithful only with the style of riding a sword and sword, according to the War History.

Historical documents show that crossbows began to appear in Europe from the 1st century, although it has been used in China since 600 BC. However, for many centuries, crossbows were mainly used by Europeans for hunting purposes, not considered a weapon on the battlefield.

European knights are always despised, because they consider them to be super gallant weapons, not suitable for aristocratic fighting style. A normal person who had been trained in the past was able to use crossbow to lower a knight wearing armor at a distance from quite far away.

The bow shot is an ancient English palace. The body of the bow is made of pine wood, ash wood, rosewood, mulberry …, the bowstring is made of hemp, flax, or silk and fits well on both ends of the bow, originally used by hunters widely used.

When brought into the battlefield, the bow shot will be became a British weapon of good use against horse-riding knights. Its powerful firing force combined with an iron sharp arrowhead can penetrate the knight’s armor from a distance, causing them to collapse before reaching the enemy.

New generation Chinese weapons will be deployed next year

The Chinese military is about to launch a series of new generation weapons to realize its military modernization goal.

China has recently invested heavily in military potential and has achieved many great advances in defense technology. Many key weapons believed to be able to significantly improve the country’s military capacity will be completed and staffed in 2019, according to SCMP. China’s first domestic carrier Type 001A underwent three sea trials in 2018 and is expected to go into operation in 2019.

Based on the design of Liaoning aircraft carrier, China has built Type 001A since 2013, with some improvements such as upgrading radar systems, integrating command centers and especially expanding hangars, allowing ships to carry 32 J-15 fighters instead of 26 aircraft.

However, Type 001A still uses the traditional take-off type, which is considered a backward design and limits the load of flagship. This made Type 001A more likely to still be used only in China’s near sea combat missions. After the payroll, this domestic carrier will be named after a Chinese province.

In 2019, the Chinese Navy will also receive the first Type 055 destroyer series after completing sea trials starting in August. The destroyer equipped with this guided missile has a stretch. water to 12,000 tons, much larger than conventional destroyers and will play the main escort role in Beijing’s future aircraft carrier group.

Type 055 is designed based on the Type 052D missile destroyer and is expected by the Chinese navy to become a rival to the American invisible Zumwalt class destroyer.

In terms of weapons, Type-055 is believed to have 128 vertical launchers (VLS) to fire anti-aircraft missiles and other types of ammunition, six more than the Ticonderoga-class cruiser, the surface-mounted class of ships. most of the US Navy’s weapons.

The Chinese military in late November may have for the first time successfully tested the long-range ballistic missile JL-3 from an improved Type-032 (Qing class) submarine on the Bohai Sea.

The US military wants the Kurds to keep their weapons

US military commanders plan to withdraw troops from Syria. They are proposing to fight Kurdish militants to fight against the self-proclaimed Islamic State terrorist organization (IS) to hold weapons supplied by the US. This is a move that may be offensive to Turkey.

This above information is provided by four unnamed US military officials. They said the recommendations above were part of a discussion about the draft plan of the US military. It is unclear what the Pentagon will propose to the White House at the last minute.

Discussions are still in the early stages of the Pentagon and no decisions have been made yet. This plan will be presented to the White House in the coming days and President Donald Trump will be the one to make the final decision on whether to let Kurds keep weapons in Syria.

The Pentagon declined to comment on the future of US weapons, saying the current time is “not appropriate” to talk about it. The White House also declined to comment.

“The planning process is still ongoing, focusing on implementing a process of controlled withdrawal and securing our military forces,” Sean Robertson said, Pentagon spokesman. .

The US officials said Mr. Trump’s announcement and the withdrawal of US troops from Syria had angered many military commanders. Because they thought it was a betrayal of Kurdish YPG forces and militants. Sio that helps Washington in the fight against self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS) in Northeast Syria.

According to him, weapons could include anti-tank missiles, armored vehicles and mortars. The Pentagon kept a record of the weapons it supplied to YPG, but US officials said it was almost impossible to determine the location of all the equipment. One of the US officials told Reuters that YPG would be armed until the fight against IS was completed


Russia began testing the latest nuclear deterrent machine

The Strategic nuclear submarine Knyaz Vladimir, the latest in the Borei class, has been begun the sea trials in Russia. In addition, Moscow army has ordered two new ships.

Sputnik said that the Borei-class Knyaz Vladimir strategic nuclear submarine has begun shipping to the sea for testing since November 28. The testing process will last for several months to evaluate all systems, from engines, electronic systems, weapons and related components.

Knyaz Vladimir is the fourth Borei class vessel and is the first Borei II upgrade with many new features. This version is equipped with a new injection pump system better than before, which improves speed and runs smoothly.

In addition, this ship is updated with a number of new marine electronics technologies that enhance combat performance. It is equipped with a new audio mat that increases invisibility, making it more difficult to detect when operating under water.

Knyaz Vladimir has a length of 170 m, 13.5 m in diameter and 24,000 tons in diving. Borei is the second largest strategic nuclear submarine in the world, after Russia’s Typhoon. It is equipped with an OK-650B nuclear reactor, limited to crew coverage.

It is capable of carrying 16 Bulawaya RSM-56 submarine launchers (SLBMs). The missile has a range of about 10,000 km, carrying 6-10 nuclear warheads with a capacity of 150 kt per warhead. Bulava is considered to be the core of Russia’s nuclear deterrent over the coming decades.

The Knyaz Vladimir nuclear submarine started to be built in 2012, launching in November 2017. The vessel is scheduled to be handed over to the Pacific Fleet of the Russian Navy in 2019. Meanwhile, Tass news agency said that the Russian Defense Ministry had ordered two more strategic Borei nuclear submarines, bringing the total number of ships up the number as 10 pieces.