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American warships passing through the Taiwan Strait made China angry

The United States sent two warships across the Taiwan Strait on February 25, while US troops increased more activity on the strategic route despite Chinese protests. The fact that the US warship crossed the strait threatens to increase tensions with China, but it is likely to be considered by Taiwan’s self-governing island as a signal emanating from the Trump administration as more and more friction between Taipei and Beijing.

This action took place at the same time that US President Donald Trump said that the United States and China were very close to reaching an agreement to end the trade war. That had lasted for several months making economic growth whole demand slowed and disrupted markets worldwide.

The US naval ship’s passing through the Taiwan Strait also took place just days before the summit meeting between Mr. Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. “The fact that ships pass through the Taiwan Strait shows America’s commitment to the free and open Indian-Pacific region,” the US Pacific Fleet said in a statement.

The statement said two US vessels were identified as Stethem destroyers and Cesar Chavez transports. The 180km Taiwan Strait separates Taiwan from China.  Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense said the US ship had left the strait to a northbound route. Taiwan’s armed forces said they always monitored the movements of these ships and found nothing unusual so there was no reason to be alarmed.

Washington has no official relationship with Taiwan but is legally bound to help protect the island nation and is the country’s main source of weapons. The Pentagon said Washington has sold Taiwan more than 15 billion dollars in weapons since 2010. China is intensifying pressure to assert its sovereignty over the island, which they consider to be a stubborn province of China and sacred territory of China.

The most feared warships of the Russian navy

Russia has many the one of best warships in the world. Some of them are capable of destroying the US carrier fleet.  Amount of Russian warships are not as large as the United States. But they are armed with more powerful weapons.

The Russian Navy now a day is inherited a lot off the former Soviet Union’s accomplishments. It is be including the most powerful ones. But there had been largely abandoned since 1990 because of lack of maintenance and lack of resources.

The National Interest news reviewed that Russia is constantly modernizing the navy towards cost-effective. They are intensifying new technology research to confront hot areas such as the Baltic Sea and. And most recently, this is the Azov Sea. As a result, Russia inherited the best of class ships. They can create potential threats to the enemy.

Peter Great is a warship. It is launched in 1998, Kirov’s Peter Great is the largest warship in the world today, excluding its carrier. It now serves as well as the flagship of the North Sea Fleet. The ships are of exceptional size. So they are called heavy-duty ships. They have enough power to destroy the entire fleet of US carriers.

To meet this goal, Peter the Great was equipped with a series of weapons of mass destruction. It includes the P-700 Granite anti-ship missile that could be equipped with nuclear warheads, S-300 air defense missiles and anti-submarine.

The Moscow rocket cruiser Slava was first deployed in 1982. The ship was designed according to the philosophy of destroying the US carrier fleet as Peter the Great. But this production focuses on efficiency and cost savings. It is little weaker than Peter Great.

It was armed only with 16 P-500 Bazalt anti-ship missiles and S-300 air defense missiles. Moscow is now the flagship of Russia’s Mediterranean Fleet. It has appeared in Latakia, Syria in 2015. it played a deterrent role in Turkish military operations in Syria.