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Riot’s New Shooting Game Allows Installation Before Launch

Perhaps the day when international gamers can experience the Riot Games’ Valorant shooter superhero is not far anymore.

Thanks to the feedback from gamers comming from the Northern America, preloading installation feature is added to Valorant РProject A, the lasest shooting game of Riot Games. Not only that, they also upgrate to Vanguard anti-cheat software. However, in addition to downloading the game, the player has yet to experience this product on the official server.

After downloading, there are some people trying to run the game, but they cannot access it. This means that in fact, Valorant’s servers are not yet open, only the game client is spoiled by Riot first.

However, it should be noted that the game download feature only applies to areas under the Riot release, and so gamers still cannot choose this feature. Nevertheless, it can be seen from the above sign that the launch of that game is gonna come soon in the near future.

Very likely, Valorant will be released beta version during the summer of this year. It can be sure that Valorant upcoming beta version will be the first testing one of this awesome game, which is similar to Mobie Arena recent launch.¬†And there won’t be much changes compared to the images revealed in the newly released trailer.

Remember after a while that made the gaming community explode with the announcement of a series of new games on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of LoL, Riot Games began to receive negative comments about the slow work. When they announced that League of Legends: Fast Fight could only be released later this year, which is almost 1 year after the project was announced in October last year.

Therefore, the release of Valorant beta in the near future can be an action to help the community to experience new Riot products sequentially. This is to avoid negative reactions due to waiting too long.