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Iran confirmed the use of Russian-made TOR missiles to shoot down Ukrainian aircraft

A new report published by Iran said that the plane of Ukraine International Airlines fell on January 8. It came after being hit by two missiles launched from Russian-made TOR-M1 air defense systems. According to SCMP, Iran on January 21 confirmed that its armed forces were using the TOR-M1 air defense system. It was produced by Russia to shoot down a Boeing 737 aircraft of Ukraine International Airlines on January 8, killing 176 people.

The report of the Iranian Civil Aviation Organization said that the plane crashed due to the impact of two missiles launched from the TOR-M1 system.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho tên lửa TOR

TOR is an air defense system born from the Soviet era, used to fight aircraft and precision guided weapons. The TOR system is mounted on a carrier, with radar and eight rockets. TOR has a range of up to 12km and can hit targets flying 6km high.

Rockets fired from the TOR system often explode near the target, the shrapnel will destroy the engine, fuel tanks and other important parts. That is the main cause of the plane crashing.

The TOR-M1 system shot down Ukrainian aircraft in a package of 29 air defense systems that Russia delivered to Iran in 2017. This is part of a $ 700 million arms deal.

Images collected in the sky over the capital Tehran on January 8 show two missiles were launched towards the aircraft. Rocket explosions are about 20 seconds apart. The plane then exploded and created a fireball when it fell from the air to the ground.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho tên lửa TOR

On January 8, an Ukraine International airline crashed just minutes after taking off from Tehran. They killed all 176 people present on the flight. Iran initially claimed the plane had crashed due to a technical error, but was forced to admit its armed forces shot down the plane.

The incident took place on the day Iran attacked two US military bases in Iraq in response to the US air strike on the killing of Commander Qassem Soleimani. Iranian officials said the Ukraine International plane flew near a sensitive military position when it was shot down. The video extracted from security cameras showed two missiles fired 30 seconds apart, which dropped an Ukrainian plane, killing all 176 people.

Russia develops new weapons “without rivals in the world”

According to the Kremlin boss, Russian engineers have developed entirely new countermeasures with any foreign missile shield. At the same time, Putin added that the country’s existing weapons have been upgraded to meet the demands of modern warfare.

By providing basic technology knowledge, President Putin explained that the existing missile defense systems of other nations to shoot down enemy bullets in a ballistic trajectory. However, the Kremlin boss insists that Russia has “done its best to stay one step ahead” compared to “close” rivals.

“What we have done is greatly strengthen and improve ballistic missiles (Russia), and develop a new weapon that is unrivaled in the world.”

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Last year, Putin also revealed a series of future weapons systems in the Russian arsenal, including two ultrasonic weapons that have attracted the attention of so many people around the world. One is the Avangard weapons complex, a highly flexible launcher, equipped with silo ballistic missiles.

Another mysterious weapon is Burevestnik, which according to Putin, has “unlimited capacity and range”. The weapon is undergoing field testing before entering test flights, RT said. Supersonic weapons are considered by experts to be a factor in changing the game between the world’s military powers, especially the US and Russia. The speed, precision, and damage of this new weapon pose a threat to traditional military equipment.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho vũ khí nga

Moscow has continued to make significant achievements in developing this weapon and it appears to be in the race to develop supersonic weapons. Russia is more dominant than the US. President Putin first mentioned weapon systems in 2018. At that time, a supersonic weapon called the Kinzhal was on the MiG-31 fighters. This weapon flies at the speed of 10 times the sound and is capable of hitting targets on both land and sea. But that is not the most advanced weapon that the Russian army has.