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Top hardest shooting games in history (part 2)

Far Cry

Being a boss in the development of high-graphics games, Crytek was the first developer of Far Cry. The early levels of the game encourage gamers to scout for enemy sieges and plan outreach. This makes for a great gameplay that Ubisoft’s Far Cry games use.

Until the latter part of the game, with the typical Crytek style, human-shaped enemies will be replaced by mutants. They take over the island with the ability to fire three shots at your character. And of course, the enemy will have full health stats and armor with just one hand can destroy your excellent campaign.

Serious Sam: The Second Encounter

The most difficult in the Serious Sam games is the final level when the enemy has more health while Sam is much more vulnerable. Every Serious Sam game has this difficulty, but none of it has it that surpasses Serious Sam: The Second Encounter.

Croteam significantly increases the number of enemies per encounter in Serious Sam: The Second Encounter. More levels, weapons expand in clever ways, and the enemy lineup is varied and a single mistake can turn into a disaster. As if that weren’t difficult enough, the game developer decided to place the player in a small room containing hundreds of enemies.

Doom Eternal

Released earlier this year, Doom Eternal made a big impact on the first-person shooter genre. This game will force players to combine rhythmically while killing demons to earn a black belt to destroy the forces of Hell.

The game is appreciated even on the easier levels, and really causes players to erupt adrenalin in the Ultra Nightmare. A small error not only causes the character to lose his life, but also ends the game. Perfection is a must if anyone wants to conquer this game at the hardest level, but there are actually very few games that can help improve your aiming and positioning skills like Doom Eternal.

Top hardest shooting games in history (part 1)

First-person shooters are a genre that is hard to conquer for newbies due to the need for agility like moving while aiming, but there are some games that are so difficult that it is unthinkable. Here are the top hardest shooting games according to Gamerant ratings.

Rainbow Six: Siege

Rainbow Six: Siege is Ubisoft’s latest product in the tactical shooter series. Instead of focusing on single-player missions or Terrorist Hunts like in Rainbow Six: Vegas, Siege has focused entirely on multiplayer scenes, and the strategy has been a huge success.

With this way of playing, the ability for gamers to build their own tactics is almost endless but so it becomes difficult for newcomers. Newbie will almost be frustrated by the top headshot skills in the face of veteran players before reaching the higher levels.

Devil Daggers

While Rainbow Six: Siege is difficult because of the complexity of the game, Devil Daggers is extremely difficult due to its simplicity. The player only has to worry about the surrounding enemies and defeat them by throwing daggers at them.

Watching others play Devil Daggers is a lot easier than if you experienced it yourself. The key to the game is to get as high a score as possible before dying. As the end of the screen, the game becomes more exciting and eventually you will be overwhelmed by hundreds of enemies on the screen. Speed, accuracy and critical thinking are thoroughly applied to survive in this game.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Vegas 2

Applying artificial intelligence, this game’s PvE activity is considered to be no less difficult than Rainbow Six: Vegas 2’s Terrorist Hunt game mode. With more difficult gameplay, the enemies become much harder, for example they will have perfect accuracy and the ability to throw grenades disorienting. To test the patience of gamers, in the game screen with artificial intelligence also takes place countless brews by not following your orders.