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The mysterious explosion in Russia is due to a failed nuclear missile test

US officials suspect a mysterious explosion in Russia that killed seven people on August 8 was due to testing Moscow’s new generation nuclear missile. US intelligence officials are rushing to investigate the mysterious explosion over the weekend that spread radioactivity off the north of Russia.

Many people suspect the incident is the result of testing a kind of nuclear-powered cruise missile. This weapon was praised by Russian President Vladimir Putin as the main piece in the arms race with the United States. At least 7 people were killed, including 5 scientists, in the August 8 explosion. Many consider this to be the most serious nuclear incident since the Chernobyl disaster, though it seems much smaller.

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US officials have yet to speak publicly about the August 8 explosion. However, according to the New York Times, the Russian government’s slow and mysterious reaction caused many cities and towns around the explosion area to become increasingly worried. This also attracted the curiosity of analysts in Washington and Europe. They say the explosion will reveal technical weaknesses in Moscow’s new weapons program.

The August 8 explosion occurred at the test site of the Nenoska missile far from the mainland. The initial announcement of the Russian military said it was a solid-fuel rocket engine explosion being tested, and confirmed that the radiation level was normal.

This contradicts information from Severodvinsk city officials, about 40 km from the explosion site. An official in charge of civil defense warns two atmospheric radiation measuring machines to record the spike index. Russian media later stated that the radiation level increased by 200 times normal. The moment the notice was removed from the Severodvinsk city portals, the locals rushed to buy iodine to prevent contamination.

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The new generation cruise missile with the official name in Russia is Burevestnik 9M370. President Putin once affirmed that he could shoot to every corner of the world. Running on a small nuclear reactor, missiles go beyond the normal range of other fuel-powered missiles.

Putin’s 9M370 missile introduced in a 2018 federal message with a spectacular video is part of a new generation of Russian-designed weapons designed to avoid the US missile defense system. In recent reports from the Pentagon and the US government, the prospect of missile-powered cruise missiles has been seen as a new threat to national security.

Ukraine sues Russia for bringing nuclear weapons to Crimea

Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense Intelligence spokesman Vadym Skybitskiy said Russia had moved to Crimea with the most modern weapons, including vehicles that could carry nuclear weapons. “The nuclear weapons launch facility is currently in Crimea territory – on land and in naval bases in Sevastopol. It is possible to be present in warships and submarines,” Vadym Skibitskiy said.

Speaking on ATR channel recently, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin believed that Russia could deploy nuclear weapons on the Crimea. Klimkin believes that Russia has turned Crimea into a giant military base.

In addition Ukraine has publicly declared the possibility of establishing a naval base on the Azov Sea, the sea that lies between the Ukrainian mainland and the Russian border is now “locked” by the Crimea bridge over the Krech Strait . The possibility of Russia deploying nuclear weapons to the Crimea is not hidden by Moscow.

“The warheads can be quickly transferred into Crimea in case Russia makes such a decision. Nuclear warheads can be transferred to Crimea by plane, and ready to be used to fight”.Iskander-M missiles can carry nuclear warheads are always considered Russian strategic deterrent weapons for opponents.

The head of the Russian arms control department Mikhail Ulyanovsk once stated: “Russia has the right to deploy nuclear weapons in its territory, in any part of Russia if Russia sees that as necessary. In principle we have that right, obviously. ”

Ukraine’s Channel 5 television on August 16 led Ukrainian intelligence sources to say that Crimea currently has about 30 tanks, 3 submarines of 15 missile and the most modern S-400 missile complex.

According to Skybitskiy, another risk for Ukraine is the increase in the number of submarines, ships, and missile ships, with the latest generation Calibr missile launch. In addition, Russia also strengthened its air force that could be deployed across Ukraine from Crimea.

Russia began testing the latest nuclear deterrent machine

The Strategic nuclear submarine Knyaz Vladimir, the latest in the Borei class, has been begun the sea trials in Russia. In addition, Moscow army has ordered two new ships.

Sputnik said that the Borei-class Knyaz Vladimir strategic nuclear submarine has begun shipping to the sea for testing since November 28. The testing process will last for several months to evaluate all systems, from engines, electronic systems, weapons and related components.

Knyaz Vladimir is the fourth Borei class vessel and is the first Borei II upgrade with many new features. This version is equipped with a new injection pump system better than before, which improves speed and runs smoothly.

In addition, this ship is updated with a number of new marine electronics technologies that enhance combat performance. It is equipped with a new audio mat that increases invisibility, making it more difficult to detect when operating under water.

Knyaz Vladimir has a length of 170 m, 13.5 m in diameter and 24,000 tons in diving. Borei is the second largest strategic nuclear submarine in the world, after Russia’s Typhoon. It is equipped with an OK-650B nuclear reactor, limited to crew coverage.

It is capable of carrying 16 Bulawaya RSM-56 submarine launchers (SLBMs). The missile has a range of about 10,000 km, carrying 6-10 nuclear warheads with a capacity of 150 kt per warhead. Bulava is considered to be the core of Russia’s nuclear deterrent over the coming decades.

The Knyaz Vladimir nuclear submarine started to be built in 2012, launching in November 2017. The vessel is scheduled to be handed over to the Pacific Fleet of the Russian Navy in 2019. Meanwhile, Tass news agency said that the Russian Defense Ministry had ordered two more strategic Borei nuclear submarines, bringing the total number of ships up the number as 10 pieces.

The most feared warships of the Russian navy

Russia has many the one of best warships in the world. Some of them are capable of destroying the US carrier fleet.  Amount of Russian warships are not as large as the United States. But they are armed with more powerful weapons.

The Russian Navy now a day is inherited a lot off the former Soviet Union’s accomplishments. It is be including the most powerful ones. But there had been largely abandoned since 1990 because of lack of maintenance and lack of resources.

The National Interest news reviewed that Russia is constantly modernizing the navy towards cost-effective. They are intensifying new technology research to confront hot areas such as the Baltic Sea and. And most recently, this is the Azov Sea. As a result, Russia inherited the best of class ships. They can create potential threats to the enemy.

Peter Great is a warship. It is launched in 1998, Kirov’s Peter Great is the largest warship in the world today, excluding its carrier. It now serves as well as the flagship of the North Sea Fleet. The ships are of exceptional size. So they are called heavy-duty ships. They have enough power to destroy the entire fleet of US carriers.

To meet this goal, Peter the Great was equipped with a series of weapons of mass destruction. It includes the P-700 Granite anti-ship missile that could be equipped with nuclear warheads, S-300 air defense missiles and anti-submarine.

The Moscow rocket cruiser Slava was first deployed in 1982. The ship was designed according to the philosophy of destroying the US carrier fleet as Peter the Great. But this production focuses on efficiency and cost savings. It is little weaker than Peter Great.

It was armed only with 16 P-500 Bazalt anti-ship missiles and S-300 air defense missiles. Moscow is now the flagship of Russia’s Mediterranean Fleet. It has appeared in Latakia, Syria in 2015. it played a deterrent role in Turkish military operations in Syria.