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Psychic Warfare: The 3rd-person shooter online games

Recently, the title KLASH: Psychic Warfare was introduced by Pang Game in Korea and announced it would open in the near future. It is known that this 3rd-person shooter online game incorporates a little bit of this MOBA element is currently in a free trial phase.

Through this gameplay video, gamers who have been attached to the game GunZ will feel very familiar with the action-packed fighting style. In addition, besides using weapons, the characters in KLASH: Psychic Warfare also possess their own skills (like heroes in the MOBA game) used to defeat opponents, or run away.

Recently, the manufacturer of Epic Game – the creators of the world famous shooter series Gear Of War announced the recruitment of a dramatic action-packed online game project. Applicants are required to have skills and a passion for the following genres: shooters, role-playing games, real-time strategy games and especially online games.

It is known that Epic Game is preparing for its 2 strategic projects. The first project has been revealed as Fortnite – a Tower Defense game (anti-gate), most likely developers who like real-time strategy games will be recruited to work on this game.

There is another project still in the secret circle, this NSX has only revealed a few details that will appear in the game: player’s level, weapons, heavy objects, and smart structure. measure. Combined with the game genres listed in the recruiting list is shooting, role-playing, online games … Surely many people will think of an online version of Gear Of War!
Of course we will have to wait for Epic Game to confirm the above information, but the name Gear Of War Online sounds very attractive and interesting.

According to the latest information, Korean developer Magics is about to take new moves to launch the online PvP game called Cronix Online worldwide. It is known that this is one of the extremely popular shooting games in Korea.
According to the game’s publisher’s introduction, players can even use a smartphone as a controller to control the character, use weapons, and exercise skills.

With a shooting game that divides characters into layers like Cronix Online, game modes like flag robbery, team deathmatch or even maps for a MOBA game (like Super Monday Night Combat) will also is launched. Regarding the graphics, the game is made on Unreal Engine (possibly Unreal 3) so the image is still extremely impressive.