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Weapons frightening for medieval knights

The riding knight was once considered an army that dominated the Middle Ages, but that  was eventually wiped out when new weapons were born. In the Middle Ages, the knights riding majestic steeds were considered the most elite forces in the army of the kingdoms. These knights were mostly from the aristocracy, were trained very carefully and equipped with the best weapons, creating superior strength compared to infantry soldiers.

However, the emergence of many new weapons helped the infantry improve its combat capability and regain its dominance on the battlefield, gradually ending the reign of knights, who remained faithful only with the style of riding a sword and sword, according to the War History.

Historical documents show that crossbows began to appear in Europe from the 1st century, although it has been used in China since 600 BC. However, for many centuries, crossbows were mainly used by Europeans for hunting purposes, not considered a weapon on the battlefield.

European knights are always despised, because they consider them to be super gallant weapons, not suitable for aristocratic fighting style. A normal person who had been trained in the past was able to use crossbow to lower a knight wearing armor at a distance from quite far away.

The bow shot is an ancient English palace. The body of the bow is made of pine wood, ash wood, rosewood, mulberry …, the bowstring is made of hemp, flax, or silk and fits well on both ends of the bow, originally used by hunters widely used.

When brought into the battlefield, the bow shot will be became a British weapon of good use against horse-riding knights. Its powerful firing force combined with an iron sharp arrowhead can penetrate the knight’s armor from a distance, causing them to collapse before reaching the enemy.