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Iran confirmed the use of Russian-made TOR missiles to shoot down Ukrainian aircraft

A new report published by Iran said that the plane of Ukraine International Airlines fell on January 8. It came after being hit by two missiles launched from Russian-made TOR-M1 air defense systems. According to SCMP, Iran on January 21 confirmed that its armed forces were using the TOR-M1 air defense system. It was produced by Russia to shoot down a Boeing 737 aircraft of Ukraine International Airlines on January 8, killing 176 people.

The report of the Iranian Civil Aviation Organization said that the plane crashed due to the impact of two missiles launched from the TOR-M1 system.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho tên lửa TOR

TOR is an air defense system born from the Soviet era, used to fight aircraft and precision guided weapons. The TOR system is mounted on a carrier, with radar and eight rockets. TOR has a range of up to 12km and can hit targets flying 6km high.

Rockets fired from the TOR system often explode near the target, the shrapnel will destroy the engine, fuel tanks and other important parts. That is the main cause of the plane crashing.

The TOR-M1 system shot down Ukrainian aircraft in a package of 29 air defense systems that Russia delivered to Iran in 2017. This is part of a $ 700 million arms deal.

Images collected in the sky over the capital Tehran on January 8 show two missiles were launched towards the aircraft. Rocket explosions are about 20 seconds apart. The plane then exploded and created a fireball when it fell from the air to the ground.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho tên lửa TOR

On January 8, an Ukraine International airline crashed just minutes after taking off from Tehran. They killed all 176 people present on the flight. Iran initially claimed the plane had crashed due to a technical error, but was forced to admit its armed forces shot down the plane.

The incident took place on the day Iran attacked two US military bases in Iraq in response to the US air strike on the killing of Commander Qassem Soleimani. Iranian officials said the Ukraine International plane flew near a sensitive military position when it was shot down. The video extracted from security cameras showed two missiles fired 30 seconds apart, which dropped an Ukrainian plane, killing all 176 people.

The US Navy drafted a process for reporting UFO

The US Navy is a military division of the US Army. This is one of the seven uniform forces of the United States. As of December 31, 2008, the US Navy has about 331,682 existing translators and 124,000 people in the reserve naval force. The US Navy has 284 ships in operation and more than 3,700 aircraft.

The US Navy is the largest naval force in the world; The total tonnage of its combat fleet is greater than the total tonnage of the combat fleet of the next 13 major navies in the world combined. The US Navy also has the largest fleet of aircraft carriers in the world, with 10 aircraft in service and a closed Gerald R. Ford aircraft and will join the Navy in 2019.

The US Navy wants to standardize the process so pilots can report cases of UFO detection into airspace.

Recently there have been reports of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) entering areas controlled by the military or airspace, so the Navy is drafting regulations to ensure all incidents similarly must be notified to the authorities. It is said by the US Navy announced on April 24.

The US Navy insists its professional soldiers and pilots have encountered enough UFOs to be able to report on them systematically and properly. Nick Pope, who participated in the UK government’s UFO investigation projects, welcomed the new regulation and insisted it would help US pilots and naval officers report easy UFO encounters easier.

Earlier, the US Department of Defense has implemented a secret project to “hunt UFO” in the period 2007-2012. Although the US government stopped funding for the project since 2012, the Pentagon continues to investigate the reports about UFOs sent by US military members.

One of three videos declassified by the US Department of Defense in 2017 shows two naval F / A-18 Super Hornet fighters chasing a strange object described by the pilot as “without wings or tails” in touch. forehead in 2004 on the Pacific Ocean. However, American pilots could not catch up to this object.

How did American fighter fighters get shot down

The fighter pilot opened fire and continued his journey without knowing that the warhead launched by the aircraft was rushing towards him.  The Dutch Ministry of Defense recently confirmed that a country’s F-16 fighter was hit by bullets fired by himself during an exercise earlier this year.

The fighter fired a 20 mm caliber M61 cannon when the drill attacked the ground target, then accidentally flew into the right shot. The lucky F-16 was only damaged when the bullet tore the aircraft’s shell, the bullet was sucked into the engine. This was not the first time that a fighter plane had trouble shooting itself. 63 years ago, pilot Thomas Attridge piloted a plane for Grunmman, controlling the F-11 Tiger also had a similar problem.

To test weapons, Attridge sent the aircraft to the sea, and fired four 20 mm caliber Colt Mk 12 guns at an altitude of 3,900 meters. The plane then descended to 2,100 meters and fired a second time, before reaching supersonic speed. At that time, Attridge noticed that the cockpit cover suddenly popped in, the plane shook and the engine appeared many strange sounds.

Attridge then slowed the F-11 and tried to get to the airport. The screen of the aircraft then shows the dangerous state, the engine only has 78% thrust and the right air inlet has a big hole. When 365 meters from the ground, the aircraft engine suddenly stopped working. Attridge lets the plane land by belly down a forest near the airport. The plane broke out, but the pilot was only slightly injured and took six months off.

The investigation later concluded that the F-11F was hit by three 20 mm bullets fired by the aircraft itself. The first bullet pierced the cockpit glass, the second one broke through the nose of the plane, and the last one damaged the right inlet and engine part.