Russia called on the US to extend the New START treaty

Russian Foreign Minister on June 11 said Moscow urged Washington to extend the validity of the New START Strategic Offensive Arms Treaty, which expires in 2021, to create space blank for future negotiations on arms control.

Speaking to a reporter on the sidelines of the Primakov Readings international forum in Moscow, Deputy Minister Ryabkov said: “In the context of the prospect of maintaining the New START Russia-US treaty is becoming unclear, strengthening efforts only. It is necessary to maintain the foundation for international security for decades as well as for our national security. “

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According to the official, the agreement should be extended for five more years so that the two sides have time to thoroughly negotiate a new method in the field of arms control. He also stressed: “We need to strengthen the mechanism of the Non-Proliferation Treaty”. At the same time expressed concern about the current situation of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.

New START was signed by the US and Russia in 2010, effective on February 5, 2011. The treaty stipulates that each party cuts its nuclear arsenal for 7 years and in the future the total number of weapons does not exceed 700 intercontinental ballistic missiles and ballistic missiles arranged on submarines and Heavy bombers, as well as 1,550 warheads and 800 launchers have been deployed and have not been deployed.

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The treaty also obliged Russia and the United States to exchange information on the number of warheads and vehicles launched twice a year. However, New START will expire in 2021, and so far the prospect of the Washington government’s extension of the treaty is still unclear, although Russia considers New START to be “a cornerstone of world security”.

The US State Department on February 22 published a report that is believed to be counting the number of nuclear weapons and launchers (such as launchers and strategic bombers) in the US arsenal and Russia. This document is part of the New Strategic Arms Reduction and Reduction Treaty (New START) signed by former US President Barack Obama and former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.